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Photo Gallery

Greater Clements Greater Clements Poster for the show The play is at The Mitzi E. Newhouse locate at Lincoln !50 East 65th Street. It runs two hours fifty minutes with two intermissions. It closes on January 19, 2020. 206026549 Judith Ivey I asked her what inspire her to act. Judith said the money. 206026510 Judith Ivey I asked her if acting didn't work out what would she have done. Judith said been a vet. 206026513 Judith Ivey Posing for a picture. 206026514 Nina Hellman I asked her if she had a favorite role she has played. Nina said all of them. 206026512 Edmund Donovan Edmund said he would like tp play Hamlet. It is a well written play. 206026515 Andrew Garman I asked him if he had a favorite role he has played. Andrew said George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woof. I played it at the Weston Playhouse in Vermont. in 2019. It was the most changing role I've done. 206026517 Kate MacCluggage I asked what she like about role. Kate said the scenes are good. The character comes in meaning well but ends up making things worse. 206026516 Ken Narasaki Ken said he can't think of s role he would like to play. 206026518 Haley Sakamoto I asked her what inspired her to act. Haley said I always had a big imagination. I liked seeing peoples reactions, like when someone tells a joke. 206026519 Artie Burton. Artie was not in the show but in the audience. Among the shows he has been in Peter and the Starcatcher is one. I asked him what he liked about the show. Artie said I love Samuel Hunters writing. I came from Idaho. 206026520