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Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago is playing at the Broadway Theatre located at 1681 Broadway. It runs two hours forty minutes with one intermission. This is an opened ended show.

This is a new musical based on the 1957 novel by Boris Pasternak.

The film is based on the same novel, ran three hours and won five Academy Awards. It was released in 1965.

Lucy Simon wrote the music. She made her Broadway debut as the composer of the Secret Garden. Lucy was nominated for a Tony Award in 1991 for that show “Best Original Score”.

Des McAnuff is the director. He won two Tony Awards for Best Direction for “The Who’s Tommy” (1993) and “Big River” (1985). Des was nominated for three Tony Awards for “Jersey Boys” (2006), “How To Succeed In Business Without Trying” (1995) and “The Who’s Tommy” (1993 Best Book a Musical). He won a Laurence Olivier Award in 1996 for “The Who’s Tommy”.

Kelly Devine is the chorographer. She was nominated for a Tony Award in 2014 for “Rocky”.

Paul Tazewell is the costume designer. He was nominated for five Tony Awards for “A Streetcar Named Desire” (2012), “Memphis” (2010), “In the Heights” (2008), “The Color Purple” (1996) and “Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring ‘Da Funk (1996).

The time is 1930; a prayer is being said over Yurii Zhivago’s grave. A mother and daughter are saying something over the open grave.

Time goes back to 1903. Young Zhivago’s (Jonah Halperin) father has killed himself and his mother is dead. His family was well to do but his father lost the money. Viktor Komarovsky (Tom Hewitt) asks what will become Young Zhivago? Anna Gromeko (Jacqueline Antaramian) and her husband Alexander (James Jackson) said they would raise him with their daughter Tonia (Ava-Reily Miles). Tonia is thrilled. As they grow up they fall in love. Yurii (Tam Mutu) and Tonia (Lora Lee Gaynor) marry. Zhivago becomes a doctor. He also writes poetry.

The working class is unhappy under the czar. Pasha Antipov (Paul Alex Nolan) is stirring up the masses. Lara Guishar (Kelli Barrett) is in the group that they friends with. Pasha and Lara marry. Her mother has a dress shop. The man who got them the shop is Viktor Komarovsky. He seduces her mother and later Lara. Viktor is powerful. Lara wants no more of this and tries to kill him and misses. Doctor Zhivago is intrigued with her. He wants to know more about her.

The time is 1918 and World War 1. Russia sends men into battle not equipped to defend them.

What happens during and after you will have to see the show. The show is filled with history and romance.

The costumes are breath taking.

Michael Scott-Mitchell stage is simple but to the point.

The show has a large cast of thirty two, all doing a great job.

Tam Mutu and Paul Alexander Nolan voices are breath taking. They can reach great depths that left me breathless.

This is a great show to see.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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